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Infant Program

Free Baby Classes 

Our Free Drowning Prevention Awareness Classes are the perfect way to build confidence and to start the process of making you and your child aware of water safety. These classes start from 4 months of age through to 6 months of age and offer parents an orientation to the skills required to keep their child safer in and around water.

As we all know a child can drown silently in as little as 5cm of water. Everything you do is adding another layer of protection in the life skills needed in keeping your child safer. Our course also provides the parents with water and support skills to increase their confidence with their child in the water.

By attending our program you are increasing their awareness of water and your knowledge of water safety.


Class Sizes are 6 for 30 minutes


Baby Classes 

Under the guidance of a qualified Myswim instructor, parents and babies will develop water confidence whilst having fun in a carefully designed program to teach your child water awareness and swimming.

Our program is designed to expand the cognitional learning process of the child. Small class sizes ensure that the Myswim instructor can provide more beneficial and effective one-on-one instruction to each child.


Class Sizes are 6 for 30 minutes

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