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Our Reward Program

Myswim has several reward systems in place to say thank you for being part of our community.  Whether your encouraging people to join us or continuing to swim all year round we believe in thanking our customers by offering discounts on your account. 


Please see below our reward systems

Loyalty Program

Swimming with us has its advantages.  Swim continuously for 1 year and you will receive 2% discount on your fees.  Swim continuously for 2 years and you will receive 4% discount.  3 years continuous Swimming you will receive 6% discount. Further years of Swimming continuously with us will still receive the 6% discount on your fees but you will also receive one of the following for each additional year you stay with us.


1 x FREE cap 4th year

1 x FREE goggles 5th year

1 x FREE private swim lesson 6th year

2  x FREE private swim lessons 7th year

Refer a friend 

By encouraging family and friends to swim with us both you and your friend can save money.  For every child that joins our swim school and pays for a term,  both you and your friend will receive a one off discount of $35 on your fees.  There is no limit to the amount of friends you can refer, so therefore, there is no limit in the amount of savings you can get.  

Early Payment Discount 

Pay the term by the due date to receive 10% on the balance of your fees.  This is an additional discount offered to you and is in addition to your loyalty discount 

Term and Conditions

Refer a friend is only available to new customers joining Myswim.  If 2 people have referred you only 1 person will receive the discount.  You need to be enrolled into the program to receive the discount.   Loyalty discount only applies to continuous enrolment.  If you are unable to attend due to holidays, an injury or any other reason then see the office for your options so that continuous enrolment can be attained.  Early Payment discount will not be offered outside the term due dates.  

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